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SIMPLE PERM Eyelash Perming Kit


SimplePerm™ curls are made from the unique design of the curling pad. Every lash is curled by the diagonal molds of the clips. The inner security pad lining prevents the solutions cream from leaking into the eyes.

An eyelash perm could not be easier then with SimplePerm™. Typical eyelash perming services involve a complicated process that involves rollers and at least 30-40 minutes to achieve the final result. With SimplePerm™ all you need to do is slip on a clip that secures easily and fits any eye shape, apply the curling cream for 12 minutes, then wipe off, then apply the conditioning cream for 3 minutes, then wipe off and you're done! Quick, simple and no mess eyelash perm!

1. Two revolutionary curls clips are placed onto lashes
2. SimplePerm Curling Cream is applied.
3. Cream is left on for 12 minutes.
4. SimplePerm Conditioning Treatment.
5. Treatment is left on for 3 minutes.
6. Clips are slid off and your're done - it's as simple as that! 
Kit Includes:
- Clips x 2 unit
- Curling Cream #1 x 1Tube
- Conditioning Cream #2 x 1 Tube
- Super mascara x 1 Tube
- Timer x 1 Unit
- Brush x 1 Unit

SIMPLE PERM Eyelash Perming Kit


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