Secure Payment

Our web store uses Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL for secure ecommerce and confidential communications. Comodo is a world leader in SSL and internet security, and one of the most trusted names on the web. Fortune 500 companies trust their security with Comodo and so do we! You can verify the authenticity of our seal by clicking on the floating Comodo SSL logo/image on the bottom, right-hand corner of every page. Because the privacy and security of our customers are extremely important to us, we have opted for the highest level of SSL security. We not only use a SSL certificate we have gone the extra mile to use an "Extended Validation" SSL Certificate. While most SSL Certificates on the web today are domain-name based (if they can verify the domain name you get a SSL Certificate) or even shared-SSL Certificates, we use the latest technology the internet security industry has to offer. Our certificates were generated using 2048-bit encryption (double the industry standard) and our connection is always encrypted with High-Grade Encryption. The "green bar" at the top of your browser (where the URL address is) proves that we are using an EV SSL Certificate to ensure the highest level of security for our customers.


What does "Extended Validation" mean?

The Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate is the new standard for the internet security industry and the highest level of SSL Certificates you can obtain today. It raises the bar on the SSL industry norm of domain-based and shared SSL Certificates. When the site is using an EV SSL certificate you should notice a green bar at the top of your browser where the URL address is. One of the best ways to differentiate a EV SSL Certification from others is this green bar. To read more about Extended Validation SSL Certificates please read this article by Microsoft. You can verify the legitamacy of our certificate by clicking on the green bar or the Comodo logo at the bottom, right-hand corner.


How do I know that I am on a secure connection?

The easiest way is to look at the web address (URL) bar, and look for an "https://" before the domain name. The usual "http://" should be replaced with "https://" when information is being encrypted and decrypted by the SSL protocol. Although this is a general rule of thumb, this evidence does not always guarantee a secure connection.


Additionally, depending on the browser, there usually is a "padlock" symbol located on the bottom right of the status bar. If a connection is processing unsecure information over a secure protocol you will see a warning sign/pop-up or "padlock" symbol with an error sign on the bottom right of the browser. If you see any of these warnings even with the "https://" in the URL, this means that either the connection is not secure (as it appears) or along with secure information other unsecure information is being processed.


Why aren't all of your links secured, showing an "https://" before the domain?

Some of the content on our site is unsecure, such as, images, texts, links, etc. Also, SSL enabled across the entire site results in slower connections as the time to process this information needs to be encrypted and decrytped. As the customer shouldn't be sending any personal or account information while browsing the shop a secure connection is not necessary.


Be advised, that you will see a secure connection when you access your account information, during checkout, payment processes, and any other pages that require secure communication between our servers and the customer.

Accepted Payments

We accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. To offer a wide variety of payment options for our customers we have also setup payment methods through PayPal and Google Checkout, for customers who prefer those alternative methods.


Credit/Debit Cards that are processed by the merchant company are always over a secure network and connection to ensure the privacy of our customers are upheld to the highest standards. We,, at no point holds or has access to credit card information that you provide. But rather all information that is submitted through this site is directly transferred to the processing company who handles all monetary transactions. Please be advised, that we DO NOT and WILL NOT ask for any credit card card information at any point except for when you checkout. Our payment module has been placed on a separate page to ensure that it remains separate from other personal information, and only the necessary payment information is transferred off site to the merchant company.


Due to recent fraudulent activity, orders over $200.00 are required to have the same billing and shipping addresses. Further, orders over $300.00 are required to be completed via a VERIFIED PayPal account. MYBEAUTYMART.COM reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the conditions that apply to any and all orders.


*If the billing and shipping addresses do not match, may require additional documention to verify that the transaction was authorized. This includes, but not limited to, a copy of your photo ID and credit card. To verify a transaction various methods are used, and it is ultimately's decision to request further information and deciding whether to ship or cancel the order. If the order is deemed fraudulent or cancelled for whatever reason, the total amount will be refunded to the authorized credit card within 3 days.

The billing and shipping addresses must be the same on international orders. Further, we may ask you to verify your identity by sending us a photo ID, credit card, and any other documents to verify your account and purchase(s).


**After investigating suspicious activities, if a transaction is deemed fraudulent, we will notify the proper authorities! We do not take frauds, scams, or the likes of them lightly. We will make sure to take the extra time to notify all authorities to include, but not limited to, all credit card companies, merchant processing companies, government officials, etc. You will also be banned from our site including your IP address. We will give all efforts to cooperate with various local, federal, and international authorities to ensure we limit fraudulent and suspicious activities on this site. This means we will turn over every piece of information we have regarding your account and transaction per their request.

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