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Hair and Scalp Oil


Better Braids
Hair and Scalp Oil

Dry hair lacks elasticity, becomes brittle and is prone to breakage. Daily moisturizing and hair and scalp oil treatment will help to add sheen to natural locks, twists and braids and heal dry scalp and flakiness.

Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil effortlessly conditions, softens and adds sheen to braids for a look you’ll love and hair that will love you in return. Combined with a special blend of Avocado, Olive and Jojoba Oils, Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil easily absorbs into the hair shaft with no oily build up. It works to strengthen the hair and aids in controlling dry, itchy scalp.

Benefits of Avocado, Olive & Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil, found in Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil, helps those who suffer from dry, damaged hair or scaly, flaky scalp. Jojoba’s deep penetrating ability benefits the scalp and hair shaft and protects against damaged hair as it dissolves sticky build-up on the scalp arising from hair products such as hair spray and gel.


Avocado oil, found in Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil, provides deep penetrating nourishment for dry and dehydrated skin, and hair. Avocado oil's moisturizing and skin softening properties improves elasticity and make it a valuable additive to hair maintenance and rejuvenation blends.


Olive oil, found in Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants replaces the moisture and elasticity lost due to stress, dietary choices, environmental pollutants, medications and exposure to harmful ultra-violet rays that can effect the health of your skin and hair. Olive oil is great for dandruff sufferers as it helps to reduce the buildup from synthetic hair care products and other environmental contaminants that leave the hair brittle and dull.

Hair Care Tip You Can Use

Daily massage of the scalp is good for the hair as it stimulates blood flow, and helps to reestablish the natural development of healthy hair. Add Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil to your scalp treatment regimen by gently massaging it into the scalp and add vitality and sheen to braid styles.

At A Glance

Better Braids® Hair & Scalp Oil

  • Special blend of Avocado, Olive and Jojoba Oils
  • Softens hair, adds sheen
  • Effortlessly conditions lock & twist styles
  • Absorbs easily into the hair shaft with no oily build up
  • Strengthens hair and helps to control dry, itchy scalp

Hair and Scalp Oil


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