PRO.Color Foundation Mixing Pigment

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Looking to color correct or customize your foundation? With our new PRO.color Foundation Mixers, you will have endless possibilities of creating new foundation shades, color matching and color correcting.

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  • White - Customize foundation by lightening your shade. Perfect for seasonal changes.
  • Yellow - Shifts foundation shade to a golden undertone. Perfect for foundations that are too pink or neutral.
  • Orange - Shifts foundation shade to a warmer undertone. Perfect for foundations that are too golden or cool.
  • Blue - Shifts foundation shade to a neutral undertone. Perfect for foundations that are too warm.


What is a foundation color mixer?A foundation color mixer is formulated to adjust, color correct and create the perfect foundation shade.Can I use these mixers with any foundation?For best results use our PRO.matte foundation series to mix with the PRO.color foundation mixers. Our mixers are specially designed and formulated to blend smoothly with our PRO.matte foundation formula.Which PRO.color mixer do I use to lighten my foundation shade?We recommend using the PRO.color White. For best results, use on PRO.matte light to medium tan foundation shades.How do I make my foundation shade darker?We recommend blending lighter foundation with a darker shade of foundation to get your perfect shade. Blend a little at a time!Help! My foundation is slightly pink. Which mixer should I use?Use our PRO.color Yellow mixer. Blend a little at a time to create your perfect match.My foundation is too orange, which mixer should I use?To cool down your foundation shade, we recommend using our PRO.color Blue mixer. Great for neutralizing and cooling undertones.Which PRO.color foundation mixer do I use for my olive undertone?Mixing the PRO.color Blue and PRO.color Yellow will give you an olive tone. Blend a little at a time to match your perfect shade.My foundation undertone is too golden, which foundation mixer do I use?We recommend using our PRO.color Orange mixer to help shift the foundation shade to a “warmer” undertone. Blend a little at a time!Why shouldn’t I use the white mixer to lighten my darker shade of foundation?Depending on the actual shade, the results of blending the PRO.color White mixer with darker foundations may end up in an ashy undertone.

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