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Better Braids
Medicated Spray

Better Style and a Better You begin with Better Braids® Medicated Spray. This dual-purpose formula prevents flaking and itching while it conditions the hair and gives it the moisture it needs for great luster and a healthy shine. Better Braids® Medicated Spray is especially formulated for braids but works wonderfully regardless the style. With six conditioners, it detangles hair and restores moisture to the hair & scalp.

Benefits of Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid, found in Better Braids® Medicated Spray, is a beta hydroxy acid that helps to alleviate flaking and removes dandruff caused by certain conditions, including scaling associated with scalp psoriasis. It helps to condition & repair weak and damaged braids as it opens clogged pores and neutralizes bacteria within preventing reoccurrence and promotes new cell growth.

Hair Care Tip You Can Use

Spray Better Braids® Spray directly on the scalp and then onto the braids to condition, moisturize and add shine. Use daily or when scalp irritation, dryness or itching exists.

At A Glance

Better Braids® Medicated Spray

  • Detangles and restores moisture to the hair & scalp
  • Prevents flaking and itchy scalp
  • Softens, conditions and strengthens hair
  • Provides luster and adds sheen

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