Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color


New Look, New Formula, New Fragrance

Now with Coconut, Argan and Maracujá Oils. Safe for all hair types - including chemically treated and relaxed hair. Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color leaves hair shiny, soft and beautiful with excellent gray coverage.

Oil Rich Formula

Nourishes And Conditions While It Colors

Unlike many of our competitors who use gel-based formulas, Bigen Semi-Permanent Color is an oil-rich, cream formula. Our creamy blend of oils nourishes and conditions while it colors, and helps your hair to retain moisture for a silky, healthy appearance even under dry conditions.

Exquisite New Fragrance

Hair Shouldn't Stink!

Typical hair dyes often come with the unwanted side effect of a strong, foul odor that can often linger for days. New Bigen Semi-Permanent color surrounds you with a vibrant blend of flower blossoms, mixed fruits and exotic spices that leave a luxurious and lingering impression.


  • Genuine Bigen product
  • With Coconut, Argan and Maracuja Oils
  • No Ammonia, No Peroxide
  • Oil Rich, Moisturizing Formula
  • Exquisite New Fragrance



How To Use Bigen Semi-Permanent


Before Application


Read the instructions provided on the back label, pull up the tab on the bottom right hand side for more information. Before each time you color your hair, we highly recommend completing the 48 hour skin allergy test.


  1. Make sure to wear suitable gloves. Tip: If the gloves are too loose, use rubber bands to tighten them around your wrists.
  2. We recommend removing contact lenses before coloring your hair.
  3. Cover your shoulders with a towel or cape that you do not mind getting stained.
  4. Be sure your hair is clean and free of any product buildup. For this we recommend washing and drying your hair 24 hours before coloring.
  5. To prevent staining on your skin, apply cold cream around your ears, hairline, and the nape of your neck.
  6. Keep a damp paper towel close by. This is to help wipe skin if hair color gets on it.




  1. Quickly apply the product onto towel-dried hair by using the nozzle to help direct it. Note: if you have partially gray hair, start application at the area with the most gray.
  2. As you use your gloved hands to work the product into your hair, make sure not to rub the product into the scalp.
  3. Comb through the hair to ensure every hair-strand is thoroughly covered with mixture and is completely and evenly saturated.
  4. Process hair as directed below in development section.




Non-chemically treated hair or natural hair:


  1. Place a plastic cap over hair.
  2. Use a warm dryer to process for 20 - 30 minutes.
  3. Allow hair to cool for 5 minutes before rinsing.


Chemically processed hair:


  1. Leave hair to process at room-temperature. Please do not cover with a plastic cap or use a warm dryer.
  2. Process hair for 25 minutes before rinsing.




  1. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear. Avoid water coming into contact with eyes.
  3. Use a color safe conditioner to ensure the best care for your freshly colored hair. We suggest using Bigen Protect & Repair Conditioner to help maintain your fresh color and condition your hair.
  4. Dry and style as desired.


Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Bigen Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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