Bald Buddy - Ergonomic + Wet & Dry Shaver

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BALD BUDDY - Ergonomic + Wet & Dry Shaver

  • Featured on Shark Tank!
  • Water Resistant
  • 72 Minutes Lithium Ion
  • Disabilities Friendly
  • USB Charge

SHAVE AND SAVE VETERANS - Part of proceeds of each unit goes toward mental health and dexterity disabilities.

Product Description:

I have coarse hair like you. Shaving really sucks for us. We share the, not so awesome, experience with razor snags, rice-crispy-treat-looking shaving bumps, and the dreaded post-shave super itch. I feel your pain. Literally!

Those days are now behind you now! The BALD BUDDY is here to help both MEN and WOMEN make haircuts, head shaving, and body shaving easier for people like us. Part of the proceeds of each unit goes toward veteran mental health and dexterity disabilities!

The BALD BUDDY shaver is designed to feel like it’s an extension of your arm, allowing users to reach anywhere on your head, face, or body.

Precision Cutting System: Give yourself a close and smooth shave
Patented Handle Design: Fits into the palm of your hand precisely, giving you a firm and controlled grip.

Multiple Rotary Blades: 5 different rotary, flex action, super-thin blades. Flex action lowers after shave irritation and razor bumps

75 MINUTES CORDLESS SHAVING: High-performing Li-Ion battery allows you to shave cordlessly for 75 minutes

The shaver supports multiple voltage levels with a USB charge ranging between 110 to 240 V, ensuring that your shaver doesn’t burn out when plugged into different voltage outlets worldwide.

The shaver is also quite easy to clean as all the five cutters can be cleaned out with a quick rinse! Shaver can be operated dry or wet.

The shaver has an easy lock feature to prevent false starts during travel or storage!

FREE SHAVING CREAM 3 OZ - Designed for Course Hair Infused with Jojoba, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus.

Not tested on animals. All vegan.

Bald Buddy - Ergonomic + Wet & Dry Shaver

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