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REMI Hair Care & Maintenance

Our last post offered tips on maintaining weave in general, mainly geared towards human hair and blended hair weaves. Today, we want to pass along tips to caring and maintaining your REMY/REMI hair weaves. Remy hair is one of the highest quality hairs you can buy today, and is highly sought after by hair enthusiasts. Those familiar with remy hair should already be aware of the higher prices these types of hair costs. For better quality, we expect to pay more. Goes back to the concept of… you get what you pay for.

So to best prolong and protect your precious investment… we are bringing you these tips straight from AWESOME Classic Care, the leader in remy hair care products. They have scientifically researched the precise pH level certain higher quality human hairs need to maintain to be at optimal levels. There products are specifically formulated to maintain these balances… mainly for remy hair there products can also be used on virtually any type of hair. The concept here is that you can apply higher quality hair care products to lower quality types of hair, but not vice versa. Now this is one of the top of the line hair care products especially for remy hair, so you can expect it to cost a bit more — similar to salon/professional care products. However, recently they have offered us lowered prices, so we are passing those saving on to you… you can view our full line of Awesome Classic Care products at our discounted prices on our main site.

Without further adieu… here are the tips that are offered directly from Awesome! (Except for a few grammar corrections, this is directly from the company. We do not take any credit for this guide, all credit is due to the awesome AWESOME company. We are just responsible for passing along these great tips!)

1) Before weaving, wash your hair with shampoo, blow dry and press.

2) Corn-braid your hair according to the style you wish and begin weaving after relaxing the scalp by using the scalp oil.

3) In order to maintain healthy, conditioned hair we recommend washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner once a week or every other week. (We recommend that you detangle all of your hair before washing it)

4) Wipe and dry your hair, then spray “Leave In Conditioner” and comb through the hair. When wiping the hair press firmly instead of rubbing the hair. (Recommended types of Comb: Big Tooth Comb or must have cushion without the ball tips.)

5) Completely dry off cornrow before placing the extension and we recommend that you completely dry off the finished extension as well. (Caution: If you put the extension up before completely drying off the cornrow, it can cause the scalp to become itchy and possibly even cause baterial infections.)

When using Blow Dryer: When 85-90% of your hair is dried off, apply the Silk Serum or Heat Protector on to your hair and then blow dry.

When using Thermal Iron: Completely dry off your hair and then apply the Silk Serum or Heat Protector to protect the hair against heat.

TIGHT CURL (to express curly style): When 50% of your hair is dried off, apply moisturizing lotion, then place the thin net over your hair and let it air dry. Once the hair has completely dried off, simply apply the gloss spray. LOOSE CURL (to express hair style with volume): When 70% of your hair is dried off, apply moisturizing lotion then place the thin net over your hair and let it air dry. Once the hair has completely dried off, simply apply the gloss spray. LOOSE CURL (to express relaxed wave style): When 50% of your hair is dried off, apply the moisturizing lotion, then place the thin net over your hair and let it air dry. Once the hair has completely dried off, simply apply the gloss spray.


Try not to apply any form of chemical to the hair. (When the hair gets tangled, there is no other chemical that can detangle it. Rather than applying chemical, please spray water and try to comb or run fingers through the hair.)


When the hair is tangled or difficult to brush, try to wash off foreign substances. *Straight Pattern: Brush your hair and wrap it with a silk scarf. Use silk pillow case to protect the hair. *Curly Pattern: Use sleep cap along with silk pillow case.


If you wash your hair once a week – Spray water first and apply “Leave-in conditioner or Serum.” If you wash your hair once every two weeks – You must wash your hair with water thoroughly once a week and constantly apply Leave-In conditioner, Serum or Moisturizing lotion to maintain its moisture.


Deep Conditioning Treatments should be done at least once a month or once every other week depending on the condition of the hair. Maintenance of the hair is periodically needed because no matter how healthy the hair might be, the hair and scalp tends to become damaged due to frequent usage of thermal heated iron and from the impact of heavy chemicals.

Lesson: Use these great tips along with the wonderful products from Awesome to maintain, prolong, and protect you remy hair investment(s)!

PS. Visit our beauty site for even more products including remy hair!

Straight Hair Care

Recently, we have received many questions like how long does this hair last, how do I take care of it, does it shed and/or tangle, etc. Frankly, a lot of these questions can be answered with 1 simple question: how do you maintain your hair/weave? It is true that not all hair are of the same quality, and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for; however, without maintenance the longevity of ANY hair can be shortened to a fraction of it’s actual worth.

Sidebar: Just because a specific hair costs more and is of higher quality does NOT mean it is maintenance free! You can’t expect to have remy hair (or any type of hair for that matter) to be an install and forget kind of deal just because it costs more. We’ve had more people than you would believe buying expensive remy hair, installing it, not taking care of it, and then complaining that the hair tangles, sheds, is not “good” quality, etc. On the contrary, we believe that remy hair requires more up keep, and needs more attention then it’s lower quality counterparts. Nowadays, there are high quality hair care products that will do wonders for you remy hair, but it also costs a lot more, 2-3x more. It’s like buying a Mercedes Benz and expecting the maintenance costs to be the same as a Honda. Probably the cost of an oil change alone for a Mercedes Benz costs several times more; it’s just the cost of luxury.

So recently we received a “Straight Hair Care” guide from the people over at Janet Collection. This is something every women should be doing with their weave; these are very simple, basic tips that can save you lots of money and keep your weave healthy and long-lasting! Please note we do not take any credit for this guide; this guide is credited to the wonderful people over at Janet Collection (and their sister companies).



  1. Liberally apply shampoo to the hair making sure to keep the hair hanging loose. (Recommend shampooing hair in the shower to control the hair in one direction)
  2. Rinse thoroughly and apply hair conditioner and leave in for 5 minutes.
  3. If necessary, comb with a wide-tooth comb or fingers keeping hair in one direction at all times.
  4. To detangle start combing from end to root.


  1. Squeeze the product through the hair. Avoid scrubbing, rubbing or bunching the hair together.
  2. Condition the hair well with a good creme-based conditioner.
  3. After washing and conditioning, apply a good leave-in conditioning product if needed.


  1. Let the hair air dry whenever possible. If you use a blow dryer, use a diffuser, then finish drying the hair from the ends up. Avoid pulling the hair while wet.
  2. To maintain freshness, lightly apply water-based gel, mousse, or oil-free hair shine or glass may be used. Oil sheen or similar oil-based products are not recommended as it may cause weave to slip out or tangle.


  1. Pat excess water from the hair and allow the hair to dry completely before going to bed. NEVER sleep with the hair wet or damp. To prevent tangling, use sleeping cap or satin scarf.
  2. Flat iron and curling irons may be used [on human and blended hair], making sure to test the temperature, DO NOT EXCEED 200 degrees F.

Lesson: No matter what type of hair, take care of it! It will last longer and you will save tons of money!

Support Problems?


Hope everybody is doing well!

As you may have already noticed… our main site underwent a major update a couple a weeks ago. Probably the most obvious was a revamp of the visual layout and added features to the front end. What you might not realize or at first notice is that behind it all there were major updates to the back-end. Lots of security updates, new features to help us and our customers, new web technologies, more efficient code fixes, faster page loads, etc.

Frequent visitors may notice that we are still tweaking minor aspects of the site to ensure 2 things: pre-existing features of the site are working as before if not better, and that NEW features can be added for a better shopping experience. We apologize if you have run into problems within the past week or two. We assure you that our site is fully functional in terms of being able to view and add products and ultimately checkout. We always strive to stay ahead of the game in terms of new features and security so we are constantly updating old features and adopting new ones to provide the best, most secure shopping experience for our loyal patrons.

A recent impact of the update that went un-noticed until today was that our Support Ticket/Email System was not properly routing requests to our server. Over the past week any emails sent via the front end were not being received by our Support System. We are very sorry if you sent an email and have not received a response from us. We are unsure where the emails have gone, but they are no longer accessible in our systems. So if you had a message that did not get a response, we ask that you send it again. This issue has been fixed and tested… it is now working!

If you haven’t checked out our “new” site yet… please do and let us know what you think!

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This is an URGENT message!

Our site will undergo a MAJOR site update set for this Thursday (June 9, 2011) !

To ensure that all customer and product data are preserved during the update period the site will not be accessible to the public. We will need to take the main site offline during this update process; we expect this process to take no longer than 1 hour. However, we do expect this blog, our email servers, and our support systems to stay online throughout this process.

We will be updating to a new look and feel utilizing some of the new web 2.0 technologies available today, this will hopefully make everybody’s shopping experience more efficient and comfortable. Also, during the last year there have been some security updates that will be applied with this version. As we have stated many times before, keeping our customer’s information and privacy secure is our main goal as an online merchant. Alas, there will be many more minor features that will be added over the coming months to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask via email, commenting on this blog, or our support ticket system.


UPDATE 1: Update process was started on Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 13:00 EST.

UPDATE 2: We are still working on the update… no major problems thus far, just transferring data is taking longer than expected.

UPDATE 3: Sorry! It’s taking a lot longer than expected… no major problems to report. Looks like the DB integrity is good so far! One more major transfer to go.


UPDATE 5: FINISHED! The store is NOW open! All data and its integrity have been safely transferred. There is nothing you, the customer, needs to do. If there are any problems please notify us ASAP. There will be some minor changes coming over the next week or so… just to puttin the finishing touches mostly on looks and the layout. Thank you for your patience!

We are sorry…

We are sorry for this being the first post in more than a month! We always want to keep every aspect of our site updated and to keep things moving forward. We do not want to let any part of our site fall behind, but as our site grows (BIG THANKS TO YOU!) we’ve had to set some priorities… in no way are we saying this blog is less important, on the contrary we feel this media outlet is a very strong part of this site that helps us keep our users informed while helping us to grow even bigger!

However, our main priority has always been keeping our store open and vastly updated. Our main site has always been from the beginning a STORE meant to provide our customers with the best selection of products at the most competitive prices! To keep it as such, as some of you may have noticed over the past month (actually from the beginning of this year) we have been intensely concentrating on adding new products, updating older ones, and making sure that our prices are the lowest around!

As our site grows, we have been receiving a lot of requests, in particular via email. We soon realized that having one email account where all requests are directed to was not efficient. The inbox become quickly cluttered, and since several staff members have access to this main account, some emails were being replied to more than once and others being forgotten. From the get go, we set our main goal (the one we knew would eventually set us apart from the rest) was EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service! When a routine becomes inefficient for us, but more importantly when questions/emails are not being replied to a timely manner we are not doing all we can to provide the best Customer Service. That is the bottom line. So, after several weeks of researching ways to better handle our channels for customer service, we have decided to beta test a new Support Ticket System. This system has been implemented as of this week.

The beauty of this system is that it still works with our email accounts, and you don’t have to do anything different when posting a question – just keep sending your messages using our contact form, and everything will get routed to the new system. Once your message has been routed to this system, it will alert us, and it will also send you an email with the details. Even if our emails get accidentally deleted, stashed into your spam folder, whatever the case, you can still track it and view the replies (from our staff) by logging in with your ticket number and email address. Plus, it allows your questions (support tickets) to be easily monitored, assigned, status’s updated, etc. all within a timely manner, usually within 1 business day (often much less).

There is a new link on the horizontal menu bar, titled “Support;” using this link you view some of the FAQ’s and knowledge-base, track and view your tickets, and also directly submit your tickets using this page (instead of the contact form).

Moving on…

CHI LogoCHI - Deep Brilliance Products

We have received some new items from Cationic Hydration Interlink (CHI) – Deep Brilliance collection! The Deep Brilliance line of hair care products and tools were specifically developed for highly textured hair types. Being one of the highly sought professional line of products, we are super excited to offer these products to you! View the full line of CHI – Deep Brilliance products!


Cuticle Remy XQ Hair

Finally, as some of you have been anxiously waiting, the CUTICLE XQ Remy Hair is ALMOST here! An inside source has just informed us that these items are expected to arrive into the manufacturer’s warehouse in the next 1-2 weeks. We have already placed our pre-order for this highly anticipated item (we’ve received a lot of inquiries) which means we will be one of the first to receive this new shipment… usually once received by the manufacturer we receive our shipment within a couple of days! That same little birdy has also warned us this item is likely to be back-ordered FAST, so to ensure that we do not take more orders than we can fulfill we will be matching the exact quantity until further notice. For example, this means that if we only have a quantity of 2 left, you will not be able to order a quantity of 3 (or more) expecting the remaining 1 item to be fulfilled via a special order from the manufacturer. If the item is back-ordered by the manufacturer, it simply is not available to anybody. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE CUTICLE XQ IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS! AVAILABILITY STATUS WILL BE UPDATED VIA FACEBOOK AND TWITTER FIRST (SO LIKE US TODAY)!

Thanks for reading!

Wigs for less than $10!!!

The news of this UNBELIEVABLE deal was sent out to all our Facebook fans a little more than a week ago (one of the benefits of being our fan)… so if you haven’t “Liked” us yet, you should!

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To wrap up this post…

We are now PayPal VERIFIED! So for PayPal users (as well as everybody else) shop with confidence! We are committed to providing the safest shopping experience the internet has to offer… we always strive to receive the highest level of certifications, verifications, seals, etc. You can verify our PayPal status by clicking the new PayPal Verified logo on the lower, left column. Please verify our other seals and active logos to ensure our standards aren’t just on par, but exceeds that of your expectations and any competitor!

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Hi everybody!

Just wanted to drop a quick line before we wrap up the work day. Below are some of the new items we’ve recently received.

Probably one of the most anticipated hairs of the year: Velvet Remi Tara 2-4-6! This high quality, human hair is very new and at the moment very difficult to acquire. We’ve only started receiving a couple of the colors, the rest have already been backordered by the manufacturer. As we receive more colors the product page will be updated… but for now what you see is what we have in stock, and supplies are very limited!

Here’s the direct link:

Secondly, we’ve received a big shipment from Royal Imex… the makers of the highly rated Hollywood Virgin Remy! As most of you may or may not know, the Hollywood Virgin Remy probably has to be one of the most praised hair ever! From the makers of this fine product, comes their new addition to the Hollywood remy hair family known as the Hollywood Classic Remy! We plan on doing a rare review of this product, which will include a comparison between the two Hollywoods! Stay tuned…

But for now, this hair is available here:

We’ve been steadily expanding our Vivica A. Fox hair collection… a few new wigs have been added! Plus her high quality, human remy hair, VIVICA’S RESERVE is also available.

You can see it here:

Finally, we’ve received the Classy Curl Wvg from Sensationnel… this is part of their new Start2Finish hair collection. The hairs in this collection includes everything you would need to start and finish a weave while maintaining a natural look. We will be including the rest of this high quality human hair to our inventory in the coming weeks!

But for now you can check it out here:

That’s all for now… but stay posted as more updates and reviews are headed your way!

And as always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details, images, etc… or just to drop us a line. We are here to assist you to the best of our abilities, so we’d love to hear from you!

Let’s get over this hump and finish the week strong!

New Facebook Fan Page!


If you already haven’t done so, check out our fan page! We’ve implemented a new layout, and a new section open only to our fans!

There is an amazing offer on our page, but its only accessible by our fans. If you’re not already a fan and can’t view this page, all you have to do is click the like button at the top. When you first arrive on page you will be welcomed with a message on newly created tab/page… right next to it you should also notice a “FANS ONLY!” tab/page. If you “Like” our page (or already a fan) you will see an amazing offer… and into the future you will see continuous new offers on that page!


If you’re not a fan or don’t want to “Like” us then you will still be able to view our posts… and will still have access to some of our amazing deals and news/product updates we have planned this next year.

If you’re looking to stay beautiful or change up your style for this new year… you won’t want to miss our intro offer on our fan page! Hey! If you’re going to buy something, why not save some money with a mouse click?!


PS. We’ve made some minor updates to our site… mainly to increase our page speeds and performance. Please comment if you can tell the difference, if it got worse, our site’s loading too slow, etc. We seek your feedback. We’ve also made some security adjustments… nothing major and nothing really necessary or urgent; just trying to stay as secure as possible for our customers.

Happy New Year 2011!

We want to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s welcome 2011 with high hopes of a good year for all! To bring in this new year we at are offering all our patrons a special offer… 15% off your entire order!

Very simply, use the following code during the checkout process to receive your discount! Code: NEWYEAR2011

This offer is only good for 2 days! So HURRY!

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PSS. We’ve also decided to indefinitely lower our “free shipping” threshold from $75 to $70!