Availability Status Information


Our system is set to show the available quantity when the on-hand quantity is less than the threshold. If the item has a available quantity of more than the threshold it will simply state: "In Stock."


If the item has not been discontinued, the customer may order more than what is available. The quantity is only shown to offer the customer more accurate information regarding what is available for shipment right now. However, in most cases, these items are still available directly from the manufacturer and/or distributor so the customer can order more than our on-hand quantity. Quantities ordered in excess of what is available will ship as soon as they become available. In most cases, it takes an extra 2-3 days to process and ship, but can take up to 1 week or longer. We will always notify you, giving you an option for a full refund, if the item has been back-ordered for longer than 1 week.


For discontinued items, all available quantities will be shown. These items are no longer available so what is currently available in our warehouse is the maximum quantity that can be ordered. For this reason, the entire available quantity will be shown to the customer and no more than this quantity can be ordered. These items are while supplies last and all unavailable quantities will be refunded.


Statuses Explained


  • In Stock - The item or variant is in stock and available for immediate order.
  • Ships in _____! - The item or variant is currently out of stock, but is available for direct order. In most cases, orders will ship in the specified time frame. The time frame specified is the earliest an item will be eligible for shipping; assuming it has not been discontinued or on back-order by the manufacturer.
  • Discontinued - The item or variant is no longer available; it has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Out of Stock/Backorder - The item or variant is out of stock and is on back order for an undetermined amount of time. These items have not been discontinued but may take an unusually long time to be available again.
  • This product is no longer in stock - The item or variant is out of stock and may have been discontinued.




Product Disclosure


The images of the products, including its packaging, are only a representation of that product, and it does not guarantee that the actual package you receive will be identical to that of the image. However, we do guarantee that the product and its quality are identical to what is ordered.


Packages differ for multiple reasons which includes, but not limited to, manufacturers constantly updating their package designs and structures. Although mybeautymart.com tries to keep all product information including images up-to-date, it is difficult to catch every new package design. Also, manufacturers may include a free sample or more product for "free" (ie. 20% more, free trial size soap, etc.), as a means of promotion. Promotions are limited time only and their durations are not fully disclosed to us. During these promotions we will pass those additional "perks" onto you, the customer; however, we can not fulfill those requests once the manufacturer has ended the promotional period. Although the packages may differ here and there, we do guarantee the product is of the same make and quality.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are for EACH item regardless of what is shown in the image.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info[@]mybeautymart.com

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